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Belize Temporary Border Permit Application Requirements

Belize Temporary Border Permit Application (TBP) – First Application

*N.B: Original and Copy of ALL documents submitted is required.


v What must I note? 

  1. This form is for use by Belizeans ONLY.
  2.  Applicants below the age of sixteen must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.
  3.  Parent or legal guardian must sign the form.
  4.  Application Form to be completed in persons (parent of child where applicable) own handwriting.
  5.  It may harm the credibility of your application if you supply false information on this document.

v Who Qualifies? 

           A person who intends to travel to border towns and villages of Mexico and Guatemala may apply to the Director of Immigration and
 Nationality Services for a TBP in lieu of a passport to leave and enter Belize. Eligible applicants are Belizeans.