For the Glory of God

Nationality Requirements

Child Addition on Nationality Certificates

1        Child must be under 18 years

2        4 Photographs

                           a. Must be 2x2 inches
                           b. White background
                           c. No Sleeveless
                           d. Taken within the last six months
                           e. Full facial view directly facing the camera

3        Child’s birth certificate and translation

4        Copy of passport with entry stamp and legal status

5        School letter

6        Medical examination including HIV and VDRL for children 12 years and older

7        Police report for children 16 years and older

8        Declaration form from parent requesting child addition and reason child was not included in previous application

9        Parent’s identification

10      Original BNC to be submitted

11    Renunciation form including 1.50 and Justice of the peace stamp and signature for Guatemalans and Indians

              Points to note

                           a. BNC must be in good condition and have space for amendment on back if not, advise parent to replace BNC
                          b.  If Parent is applying on behalf of children, a letter of consent is required from mother and a copy of her identification.
                         c.  Birth certificates from the People’s Republic of China must be translated at the University of Belize and original is required.