For the Glory of God

Passport Application Requirements

Minor Application (Under 16 years) – First Application

*N.B: Original and Copies of all documents submitted are required.

v Required Forms

Click below to download forms
  1. Application Form signed by the applicant   
  2. Form 4A (accompanied by $1.50 postal stamps)
  3. Form 4B (accompanied by $1.50 postal stamps)


     Application Form

  Important points to note       

  • All required fields within the application must be filled.
  • All names and personal information must reflect exactly what is specified on the supporting documents.
  • Maximum of two mistakes - no liquid paper allowed - a line must be drawn through the mistake and initials placed next to the mistake
  • Applicant refers to parent or legal guardian acting on behalf of the child who is under 16 years old.
  • Application Form should be filled in by applicant"s (parent or guardian) handwriting.
  • Applicantion needs to be sign by applicant (parent or guardian) on behalf of the child who is under 12 years old.
  • A child 12 years and older must sign the application form, as well as applicant (parent or guardian).

        Form 4A

   Must be endorsed by one from the below list (no substitutes):
  1. Belize Justice of Peace
  2. Minister of Religion
  3. Medical Practitioner
  4. Notary Public
  5. Attorney at Law

         Form 4B

     Must be endorsed by one from the below list (no substitutes):
  1. Member of the House of Representatives
  2. Chief Executive Officer in any Ministry of the Government of Belize
  3. Head of Department of any Department of the Government of Belize
  4. Licensed Teacher


v First Time Applicant

      The applicant for a child under the age of sixteen is either:
         a. The Parent
         b. The Legal Guardian

v  Supporting Documents

*Documents not in English must be translated and notarized by a recognized entity.

Born Belizean

  1. Original Birth Certificate 

Naturalized Belizean

  1. Original Nationality certificate.


  1. Adoption Certificate

Name Change

  1. Original Deed Poll (Registered in Belize)

v  Additional Documents

  1. Photo Identification of applicant (parent or legal guardian)stating full name as it appears on:
    1. Child's Birth Certificate
    2. Child's Adoption Certicate
    3. Child's Nationality Certificate

          Photo Identification for applicant in the form of a:

      1. Valid Belize Social Security Card
      2. Voter's ID
      3. Passport

     2. Two (2) Passport size photos, white background, 2 X 2 properly certified by each Recommender with the following quote,

         “I certify that this is a true likeness of The Applicant ”( should include Applicant’s  complete name legibly), sign and stamped