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Permanent Residence Application Requirements

Permanent Residence – Card Renewal  Application

To print and view the Permanent Residence Application Guide, Click Here.

*N.B: Original and Copy of ALL documents msut be presented at the acceptance stage.

  Important points to note       

  • All required fields within the application must be filled.
  • All medical tests must be done in Belize.
  • All names and personal information must reflect exactly what is specified on the supporting documents.
  • Maximum of two mistakes - no liquid paper allowed - a line must be drawn through the mistake and initials placed next to the mistake

Required Forms

               Click below to download forms
  1. Application Form 
  2. Medical Examination Form
  3. Letter of Financial Support 

Supporting Documents

     *Documents not in English must be translated and notarized by a recognized entity.

    1. Declaration form ($1.50 stamp affix) - (Applicant state details of lost, destroy or stolen)*must be sign by Permanent Resident Holder and Justice of the Peace
    2. A Police Report - (states if  lost, destroy or stolen) 

    3. 3 Recent passport size photos

    4. Applicant valid passport

    5. Payment fee of $150.00