For the Glory of God

Permanent Residence 

Transferring residence Procedure

Residence can be transferred from the old residency card to a passport or from an expired passport to a new passport. The process for both is the same if the names and date of birth on both documents correspond with each other.



  • Passport containing residence stamp or residence card
  • Passport for stamp to be placed in

 If the name on any of the document differs, the following documents are required:

  • Birth certificate showing correct name- translation needed if not in English
  • Marriage Certificate- if name was changed due to marriage
  • Declaration form stating how the name change came about and confirming that name on both documents refers to the same person or in the case of different dates of birth, the declaration form must state the correct date of birth with reference to the document being submitted for verification.
  • One set of $1.50 postage stamp- to be attached to declaration form
  • The process for transfer is four to six weeks