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Work Permit (WP) APPLICATION Requirements

Work Permit –Application

*N.B: All work permit applications must be submitted to the Ministry of Labour for approval

           Original and Copy of ALL documents submitted are required.

  Important points to note       

  •  All required fields within the application must be filled.
  •  All names and personal information must reflect exactly what is specified on the supporting documents.
  •  The form must be completed in English, using blue or black ink only.
  •  Maximum of two mistakes - no liquid paper allowed - a line must be drawn through the mistake and initials placed next to  the mistake.

v Required Forms

Click below to download forms
      1. Application Form - Can be purchase at The Angelus Press LTD

v Supporting Documents

  1. Employment letter if applicant has an employer

  2. Photocopy of applicant’s passport (bio-data page + active pages)

  3. Registration/Trade License of Business in case of self-Employmen

  4. Sponsor's letter of Employer

  5. Recent Bank Statement

  6. $20.00bz postage stamps

  7. Police Record (6 months validity)

  8. Three job advertisement clippings from local newspaper (not applicable for self-employment)

  9. Qualifications, Diplomas, Certificates to show proficiency in field of work

  10. Three passport size photos

  11. Letter of recommendations in support of applications from:

                                      a. Relevant Ministry

                                      b. Local organization concerned with category of employment

                                          such as:  

                                                 1. Ministry of Tourism

                                                 2. Ministry of Education

                                                 3. Village Council

                                                 4. Associations

                                                 5. Religious denominations



    1. BZ 25.00 administrative fee.