For the Glory of God

Student Permit (SP) APPLICATION Requirements

Student Permit – Application

*N.B: Original and Copy of ALL documents submitted are required.

  Important points to note       

  •  All required fields within the application must be filled.
  •  All names and personal information must reflect exactly what is specified on the supporting documents.
  •  The form must be completed in English, using blue or black ink only.
  • Maximum of two mistakes - no liquid paper allowed - a line must be drawn through the mistake and initials placed next to  the mistake.

v Required Forms

Click below to download forms
      1. Application Form

      2. Letter of Financial Support

v Supporting Documents

  1. Letter of acceptance from Institution of study

  2. Birth Certificate

  3. Letter of Authority

  4. Photocopy of applicant’s passport (bio-data page)

  5. Sponsor's letter of Employer

  6. Recent Bank Statement (if sponsor is self employed)

  7. Students on scholarship would present letter from the institution sponsoring them.

  8. BZ $1.50 postage stamps

  9. Return ticket valid for one school year for University Students

  10. Two passport size photos

  11. Proof of status of sponsor, either:  

                        a.Nationality Certificate along with Valid Photo ID (Social Security, Voters Id)

                        b.Belize Permanent Residence

                        c.Belize Passport

                        d.Temporary Employment Permit




    1. BZ 50.00 per school year (Primary School).

    2. BZ 50.00 per semester (Tertiary and higher level).