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Belize Business/Visitor Visa (Entry) Requirements


Business/Visitor Visa (Entry) Application

    Reference Section 19 of the Immigration Act Chapter 156 Laws of Belize RE 2000-2003.

    *N.B: Copy of ALL documents must be submitted with the original


               Business / Visitors Visa:   

    1. Spending a holiday; or
    2. Travelling or;
    3. Temporarily carrying on any business, trade or profession; or or
    4. Investigating the possibilities of settlement in Belize.


               Required Forms    

    1. Completed Visa Application Form signed by the applicant
    2. Letter of Financial Support


               Visa Types   

    1. Single Entry Visa – Issued for a single entry and is valid for six (6) months.
    2. Multiple Entry Visa – Issued for multiply use and is valid for twelve (12) months.

                         - Issued to persons with Special Permits residing in Belize.


               Requirements for Issue:   

    1. Copy of Passport of applicant
    2. Employment letter from employer and registration of business of employer
    3. Bank Statement
    4. Registration/Trade License of Business in case of self-employment
    5. Completed application with photograph
    6. Police Record (6 months validity from country of origin)
    7. Security clearance if country of interest