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Belize In Transit’s Visa (Entry) Requirements


 In Transit’s Visa (Entry) Application

    Reference Permits Section 14 of the Immigration Act Chapter 156 Laws of Belize RE 2003.

    *N.B: Copy of ALL documents must be submitted with the original


               Required Forms    

      1. Completed Visa Application Form signed by the applicant
      2. Letter of Financial Support


               Requirements for Issue:   

        1. Completed visa application form with photograph
        2. Copy of bio data page of applicant’s passport
        3. Proof of acceptance into country of destination (visa, place of stay, purpose of visit etc.)
        4. Itinerary as proof of return to country of origin
        5. If change of crew or passengers disembarking from vessels, letter from local shipping agency.
        6. Security Clearance if country of interest