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Belize Temporary Employment Visa (Entry) Requirements


 TEP Visa (Entry) Application

    Reference Permits Section 16 of the Immigration Act Chapter 156 Laws of Belize RE 2003.

    *N.B: Copy of ALL documents must be submitted with the original


               Required Forms    

    1. Completed Visa Application Form signed by the applicant
    2. Letter of Financial Support



               Visa Types   

    1. Single Entry Visa – Issued for a single entry and is valid for six (6) months.
    2. Multiple Entry Visa – Issued for multiply use and is valid for twelve (12) months.

                                     - Issued to persons with Special Permits residing in Belize.


               Requirements for Issue:   

    1. Copy of Passport of applicant
    2. Employment letter from employer and registration of business of employer
    3. Bank Statement
    4. Registration/Trade License of Business in case of self-employment
    5. Completed application with photograph
    6. Police Record (6 months validity from country of origin)
    7. Bio data of employer in Belize with address and contact numbers
    8. One year open return ticket
    9. One year open return ticket if applicant is extra-regional.
    10. Security Clearance if country of interest.